In the last decade, there has been an alarming increase of hoarding cases around the country.There are many support groups around the area that help hoarders and their families. 


However, there are few professionals that have the expertise and understanding of the sensitive nature of this condition, also known as Disposophobia. At DRYOUTpro PLUS, we are dedicated to taking the burden off your hands with our hoarding cleanup services.

Upon arrival at the hoarding site, our experienced techs’ first step is to meet with the client and their support team to politely discuss the wants and wishes of the client. The resulting plan typically includes, but is not limited to, sorting personal property into four piles – keeping, selling, donating, and garbage.

Next, we perform extreme cleaning, which discards remaining clutter and lawfully disposes of any hazardous waste. We then disinfect the property, getting rid of toxins, mold and bacteria that may be left over. Lastly, we clean and reorganize the remaining personal property.