Are You In Need of Sewage Water Removal and Damage Restoration?


Don't make the mistake of hesitating to act. You need professionals to handle a problem of this magnitude, because even small sewage leaks are very big problems.

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Make no mistake! This IS an Emergency! Every moment that you wait to call in the professionals is equal to thousands of dollars worth of property damage as the bacteria and corrosive ridden sewage water is eating away at your home. Sewage carries tens of thousands of different strains of bacteria that are all capable of causing serious illness and infection. Everyone who enters the home is at risk.

The fastest and most effective way to have all of the sewage water professionally removed is to have the area thoroughly cleaned and sanitized; to ensure that no sewage or mold is left behind; to reverse damages; and to protect yourself, your family and your visitors from serious illness.

When you find sewage water in your home, it can seem highly overwhelming. However, you are not alone and the problem is not too big to address, despite how it may appear… and smell. Make the call and our emergency crews will handle the rest. We work with your insurance company directly, including meetings with your adjuster and direct billing.

What are the causes of sewage backups?

Sewage back ups can be caused by floods from nearby waterways such as creeks, rivers or dams, and severe rainstorms which all place a strain on septic systems and sanitary sewers. Sanitary sewer and septic systems can become inundated with large volumes of ground or storm water entering the systems, which can cause backups of sewage into private property. Blockages in sanitary sewer systems can cause also cause backups to occur homes.

The most common illnesses associated with contact with sanitary sewage backup are gastrointestinal distress and illnesses with symptoms of skin rash and/or infection are caused by accidental contamination from surfaces where food is prepared, or hands that have come in contact with sewage backup. Skin rashes and infections from handling materials that have been contaminated by sewage backup.

Essential things to do after discovering a sewage back-up:


  • Do not flush the toilets

  • Avoid any contact with the sewage material and keep children and pets well away.

  •  Wear protective gloves when handling or working in a contaminated with sewage.

  •  Wash hands regularly and immediately after contact with any materials that are soaked with sewage.

  • Do not touch raw sewage with your bare hands under any circumstances.

  •  Call the appropriate services of the municipality's sewer system department, the water pollution control authority or the town public works department.

  • Contact your insurance provider to determine whether you are covered under your particular insurance policy for sewage flood damage. Call a professional water damage and restoration company and arrange to have the clean-up protocol started.

It is most important to act immediately you discover any flood damage in your home to prevent the spread of contaminants and the growth of mold. Mold takes only 48 hours to grow and once it has set in it will be another expense that could be prevented.