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Kiwanis Youth Park

The Kiwanis Youth Park is a park that’s designed for the enjoyment of young kids. The park can be found in Stuart, Florida at 451 South Colorado Avenue. Locals and visitors to the area will enjoy a visit to Kiwanis Youth Park and provide plenty of choices for kids to play. The park is divided into age groups so each section has equipment designed for certain ages. There is a free public library nearby so learning and play go together well at Kiwanis Youth Park.

One benefit of Kiwanis Youth Park is that it has accessible equipment so it caters to those with disabilities. This includes childhood favorites such as the seesaw. Other equipment that feature at the park include a roller tunnel, airplane bouncy, roller slide, and a plastic dome. There is plenty to see and do here for kids of all ages making it a must-visit park for those in the area.

It’s not just for kids, however, adults will find themselves with plenty to do as well. There are bicycle racks for those that wish to travel to the park by bike. There are some pavilions so you can get in the shade. Some paved walkways, BBQ grills, and picnic tables are all available for use. There are toilets at the park that are handicapped accessible. The park also provides free WiFi for those in the park. Electricity is available to keep phones charged.

The park is located not far from the downtown area so a trip can easily fit into a bigger day out. The park is noted for always being added to, is kept clean and tidy, and providing great wheelchair access. With 3 different sections catering to different age groups this is a park that puts the needs of kids first.

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