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Poppleton Creek Dog Park

Poppleton Creek Dog Park is an area for dog walkers to enjoy in Stuart, Florida. The park is fenced off and dogs are allowed to roam leash-free. It is located near the waterfront but there isn’t any access for dogs inside the park. The park is located at 399 SE Central Parkway and is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the week. Along with the dog park, Poppleton Creek Park has a self-guided tour where you can view rare and endangered habitats.

The dog park is mostly sand and grass but due to the high volume of traffic at the task, the ground is well worn. The park has everything needed to keep you and your dogs healthy and happy. There are poop bags available at the park and a water hose is available to keep your dogs well watered. If needed the maintenance team can be contacted by the number on the sign at the entrance.

The park has some shaded areas thanks to the large trees that grow there. Perfect for those particularly hot days when you need to get out of the son for a little bit. There are benches by the trees and throughout the park. While there is no access to the lake from within the fenced-off dog park, dogs are allowed outside if they are on a leach. Note of caution, however, there are occasionally freshwater alligators that live in the water.

The park is located not far from the I-95 highway so dog owners can make a pit stop to let their canine friends stretch their legs off-leash. There is a separate area for small dogs and restrooms can be found nearby too. The park is free to access for everyone and provides a nice view of the lake.

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