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Roosevelt Bridge

Roosevelt Bridge is located in Stuart, Florida which stretches across the St. Lucie River. The bridge was completed in 1996 to replace the Old Roosevelt Bridge which originally opened in 1934. The Roosevelt Bridge is much longer than the Old Roosevelt Bridge and is raised to allow boats to pass underneath. The new bridge is around a mile long with six lanes, three in either direction.

The new Roosevelt Bridge carries the U.S. Highway 1 which runs for 545 miles along the east coast of Florida. Construction for the bridge saw the completion of the northbound bridge first which carried traffic in both directions. When the southbound bridge was completed the northbound bridges changed to one-way traffic. The Old Roosevelt Bridge is still active on the southbound side which now carries traffic in either direction for the Dixie Highway.

Due to the bridge’s high volume of traffic and visibility, the Roosevelt Bridge has become a popular gathering place for protests and campaigning. Most notably the bridge was used for a Black Lives Matter protest following the death of George Floyd. The protest was noted for its peaceful demonstration which was a stark contrast against many other protests that took place across the country.

The bridge suffered some structural damage on June 17, 2020, when parts of the concrete fell from the southbound bridge. The bridge was temporarily closed for inspection along with the Dixie Highway bridge. The inspection revealed ruptured tendons and corrosion which led to Mayor Mike Meier issuing a local state of emergency. The bridges remained closed for public works but by July 5th, 2020, the northbound bridge was reopened serving traffic in both directions.

The bridge is a popular route that connects Stuart to Port St. Lucie. As a popular gathering area for campaigns and protests, the bridge has become an important part of life in Stuart.

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