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Shepard Park

Shepard Park is a popular area of Stuart, Florida that’s located at 600 SW Ocean Boulevard. This park is located on the waterfront and is a lush green space that’s perfect for people looking for a place to fish, walk, or set up a picnic. The park has many amenities to help you enjoy your visit include BBQ grills, electric points, pavilions, and much more. There is a boardwalk that stretches along the St. Lucie river.

At the park, you will find a boat launch, restrooms, and various paved walkways to traverse. The park is particularly noted for the fantastic sunsets you’ll experience with a view of sailboats in the river. It is a popular area for artists to gather and paint the scenery, which is very picturesque. Bird lovers will also enjoy the park as it home to various kinds of birds such as blue herons and white ibis.

Families will have an enjoyable time at Shepard Park and little ones have access to an excellent playground. There is an awning that helps to provide shade so even on the hottest days kids can play safely. For the adults, there is a covered picnic pavilion which is offered on a first come first serve basis. Some events will need a permit, however, depending on what is being requested. There are bike racks available for those traveling to the park by bicycle.

The park can be rented out to host a wedding. Set against the backdrop of the St. Lucie river at sunset can provide a wonderful aesthetic for your special day. Whether you are a Stuart local or visiting the area, Shepard Park is one area you should make a point of visiting.

It’s perfect for joggers, walkers, couples, and families. There is something for everyone at Shephard Park.

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