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Are You looking for a fire damage restoration in Stuart FL? DRYOUTpro PLUS, Inc. is a Stuart fire damage restoration and cleanup company servicing Stuart and surrounding areas of Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, and Fort Pierce.

The first 24 hours after a fire is a critical time period. Fast action by a qualified Stuart fire damage restoration company is vital in order to put a stop to the secondary damage caused by the smoke, heat and water from the fire. The sooner the restoration process can begin, the less costly and more successful it will be.

Fire damage restoration entails the total cleanup of your property and possessions and returning them to their pre-incident condition. This is properly done by trained and certified technicians using special equipment and cleaning products. Since extinguishing the fire requires large amounts of water, Stuart fire damage restoration also involves cleaning up water damage.

Fire Damage Restoration In Stuart Florida

For over two decades, we have provided fast, caring and expert service to thousands of residential and commercial property owners. We understand that the restoration process can be a traumatic experience. We are committed to delivering fast, high-quality service to help you return to your normal life as quickly as possible. Response in 60 to 90 minutes 24/7

It is  vital to take quick action within the first 24 hours of a fire incident in order to put a stop to the ongoing secondary damage caused by the acidic particles of smoke and soot, which can cause costly harm to your property and belongings as well as serious health problems. Water damage, the result of the fire department’s fire suppression efforts, must be cleaned up right away before mold starts growing.

We respond to phone calls within minutes—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will immediately dispatch a technician, who will arrive at your property quickly to assess the damage and give you a free estimate.

We are a family-owned company that is dedicated to giving personal, fast customer service to everyone we serve. After all, we know you’re anxious to get back to normal as quickly as possible after a fire incident. What sets us apart is our compassionate team. Our technicians take pride in being a part of a team that saves property and relieves emotional distress.

We will also help you arrange any additional services for reconstruction or replacement that you may need.


Commercial and Residential Stuart Fire Damage Restoration

We serve a wide range of residential and commercial clients as well as insurance companies.


Residential:  We understand how traumatic a home fire can be. We work closely with homeowners and property managers along with the insurance company to make sure the total cleanup and restoration operation is as fast, efficient and safe as possible.


Commercial: We help restore commercial properties of all kinds including stores, offices, warehouses and large commercial buildings. There is no size limit to the commercial properties we can handle. Our goal is to help get businesses back into full operation as quickly as possible with minimal capital expenditures and minimal interruption.

Insurance agents and adjusters: We have well over 20 years of experience working directly with insurance companies in Stuart fire damage restoration. We work very closely with insurance adjusters from start to finish, taking care to thoroughly document the job with photos and any other documentation deemed necessary to expedite the insurance claims process.

Follow these tips on what you should do after a fire:

1.) Contact your insurance provider immediately.

2.)Get clearance from the Fire Marshal before obtaining access into the building.

3.)When entering a building after a house fire, always wear a protective face mask to prevent inhaling any lingering residue from the smoke.

4.) Relocate pets and children to other lodgings if the fire residues are too heavy.

5.) Open windows for ventilation if weather permits.

6.)Stay away from any damaged areas that may be unsafe, including carpeting or furniture that has residue from the fire.

7.) Take videos or pictures of the damage sustained as soon as possible.

8.) If you are asked to leave your home, call us. We will board up broken windows, open doors, holes in the roof and other open areas in order to prevent additional damage from vandalism, bad weather or theft.

9.) Dispose of open food containers and contaminated foods, as well as food items and canned foods that were exposed to the heat. Do not use contaminated dishware or utensils, which should be inspected by a fire damage specialist, who will determine whether or not they are salvageable or will need to be disposed of.

10.) Make a list of everything that has been damaged for your insurance carrier.

11.) Don’t use any computers, TVs or other electrical appliances, as shorts in the wiring can cause electrocution. Empty your refrigerator and freezer of their contents and prop open the doors to allow for proper ventilation.

12.) Wait until your insurance adjuster has seen the damage before you make any permanent replacements or repairs.

13.) Don’t attempt to clean off smoke and soot residues from surfaces on your own.  



We are here to help you! Give us a call and we will give you advice, estimates, and guidance for any Stuart fire damage restoration job. We will answer your call at any time; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!


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